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Keratin Treatment

A keratin treatment uses high quality and advanced keratin straightening hair products. This treatment will rejuvenate your hair while taming your locks as well as reduce stiffness in the hair.

The keratin treatment also penetrates throughout the hair shaft, delivering important conditioning and moisturising benefits, improving softness and reducing friction, enabling the hair to better withstand heat.

Hair will also be less prone to breakage and improving overall manageability during brushing.

Essential reasons to have keratin hair treatments:
Moisturize and strengthen your hair – suitable for hair from frizzy to silky
Maintain your volume and body throughout many treatments
Receive long-lasting results
Reduce frizziness and style your hair more easily than ever
Add strength to your hair to protect against heat and humidity
Repair severely damaged hair
Reduce straightening irons and heated styling tools to an occasional rather than daily necessity

Easy management of your hair is possible with our Keratin treatment. This is a great option if you like to wear your hair in waves as well as straight, in comparison to our Japanese Permanent Straightening.

Our Keratin Treatments start at just $160. Depending on the length of your hair, the treatment may take up to two hours price may be vary. Book your Keratin treatment today with Zigbis Toowoomba.


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