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After a professional eyelash and eyebrow tinting from us, we are sure you will love your eyes with a new stunning look. Our choice of natural tint is more gentle and helps those with skin sensitivities.

If you’re wanting your brows to feel thicker and look fuller, eyebrow tinting is best for you. Your eyebrows look instantly thicker as the tint darkens the finer, lighter hairs within and surrounding the brows. Most often this added brow definition works for frame and lift the face and makes the eyes appear brighter and more open.

We also offer henna tinting, which is a natural, organic and ammonia free tint. Perfect for sensitive skin, henna tinting lasts 7 weeks. With four different colours to choose from, we can create a natural looking shade that will compliment your skin tone and hair colour.

Check out our pricing page, where you can save money on combining waxing, threading and tinting in one low priced package!


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